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  • 04 Oct 2021 2:37 PM | Michelle Camden (Administrator)

    Hello ATD St. Louis Members,

    We hope that you took advantage of the summer temperatures and got some rest and relaxation.  Hopefully, you were also able to schedule some vacation time. As we continue to observe more organizations returning to the workplace, post COVID-19, we will also continue to adhere to safety protocols at ATD STL.  Due to this, most of the programing for this year will continue to be virtual.  Our hope is that, soon, we will be able to visit with you in person! 

    This year we have experienced several changes, and this has created some vacancies on our St. Louis Chapter Board. We are always looking for talent, and currently, have three openings on the board.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in the VP of Administration, VP of Finance, or the Director of Technology opportunities, we would love to speak with you.  Below are the responsibilities for these roles.

    Vice President of Administration responsibilities:

    • The Vice President of Administration is responsible for documenting monthly board meetings
    • Shares monthly board agenda with meeting notes, post meeting
    • Supports other board roles with administrative support

    Vice President of Finance responsibilities:

    • The Vice President of Finance oversees the fiscal operation and solvency of the Chapter.
    • Coordinates for the receipt, collection, deposit, disbursement, and maintenance of all monies, and reports on the financial condition of the Chapter at Board meetings and at other times when called upon by the President.
    • The Vice President of Finance conducts financial review meetings with the Chapter’s CPA firm; oversees all payments made by the Chapter

    Director of Technology:

    • Works closely with the VP of Communications to maintain and update the website and email notifications for ATDSTL, ensuring that the website is up-to-date and maintains quality standards. 
    If you are interested in any of these roles, contact us to share more details regarding these great opportunities.  If you are interested in volunteering in general, we would also love to speak with you.  Please email our president-elect, Mary Kay Taylor (, and she can schedule time to discuss your interests to find a fit on a variety of committees we have lined up for 2022.

    I would also like to feature our October scheduled events for you.  Our guest speaker for the Facilitator SIG is Patty Sherwood, who will be facilitating on October 12th.  She will be speaking on the topic of facilitation.  We are extremely fortunate to have such a talented development professional as an ATD member.

    We’re also excited to welcome Andrea Gentis from the Tulsa, Oklahoma chapter as our guest speaker at the October Professional Development Luncheon on October 27. Andrea will lead us in an informative session on Integrating Accessibility into Your eLearning. Look for more details on both events and register on our website.

    Due to your support of our local St. Louis ATD Chapter, membership continues to stay consistent.  We are over 200 strong and looking forward to continuing to grow the organization.  We always want to provide each of you with value regarding our events and the opportunity to network and learn from each other.  Our VP of Membership, Christine Kostic, has done a phenomenal job continuing to focus on reaching out to potential new members and growing our corporate relationships.  Kudos to you, Christine – keep up the great work!

    From a financial perspective, the chapter has been very responsible with our finances.  This year has been challenging and we continue to focus on providing valuable opportunities for your continued professional development.  We will stay focused on ensuring that our decisions are financially sound and moves the organization forward for 2022 and beyond.

    On a personal note, I wanted to share the following observation with you.  This year has been challenging for all of us, and this group has not been the exception to that rule.  We have a few current openings, and yet - the leaders of this organization continue to surprise and motivate me.  All these professionals have stepped up to the plate, volunteer and go above-and-beyond, to ensure that we continue to move the organization forward and provide diverse events to support your professional development. 

    I wanted to publicly acknowledge all of them for their service.  Their efforts do not go unnoticed, and I wanted to say a big, “Thank You!”.  I am very fortunate to volunteer with such an extraordinary group of individuals who are passionate about helping others develop. 

    We look forward to seeing you at our next scheduled event.  Please be safe out there and enjoy these cooler temperatures.  Have a great day!


    Julio C Govreau, MBA

    President, ATD St. Louis Chapter

  • 08 Sep 2021 1:58 PM | Michelle Camden (Administrator)

    Join us on September 21 from 12-1pm CT for a great discussion on Project Management for Learning Professionals with ATD member, Patty Sherwood.

    You will learn the principles of agile project management and how to apply them to real-life L&D projects. You will also identify the role a Project Manager plays and learn how you and your team can minimize obstacles and influence a project’s success.

    Patty applies a unique blend of skills and talents to her work as an L&D professional. She’s an energetic business leader who drives results through her expertise in project management, facilitation, program development, strategic planning, sales, marketing, change management, and leading teams.

    In her current role as the Learning & Development Manager at ACERTUS, Patty is focused on building a strong, sustainable L&D structure for this fast-growing organization. Before joining ACERTUS, Patty was a valued member of the L&D team at Rabo AgriFinance for four years. She has experienced success as a L&D consultant and entrepreneur, as well as an international sales manager and marketing director.

    Currently, Patty is an active member and officer for Toastmasters and has been a committed member of ATD St. Louis since 2016.

    Register today by going to our Events tab!

  • 25 Aug 2021 3:55 PM | Michelle Camden (Administrator)

    Welcome Jess Mader to the ATD STL Board of Directors!

    Jess is the new VP of Professional Development and will be responsible for planning our ongoing events. She's a long time ATD member who previously volunteered as the Facilitator SIG Lead, so she brings lots of experience for successful professional development events. We can't wait to see what she pulls out of her hat for the 2022 Learn Conference!

    Jess works at Edward Jones as a Senior Trainer Development Specialist and has a Practitioner Badge in Design Thinking through IBM. When not volunteering, she enjoys family time with her husband and three kids. 

    Please join us in the comments by welcoming Jess to the Board!

    Profile photo of Jessica Mader (she/her)

  • 20 Aug 2021 7:18 PM | Michelle Camden (Administrator)

    Hello ATD Members, 

    This has been another unique and interesting year for all of us.  And Saint Louis is no exception to that.  With COVID-19 and the Delta variant cases on the rise, the board has decided to cancel all in-person events through the end of the year.   Our chapter will still schedule virtual sessions since they have been received very well.  Our attendance is growing, and we are having discussions on what our programming will look like, moving forward.  

    It was a difficult decision, but due to no in person events, we’ve decided to cancel the Learn Conference.  Our newest board member, Jessica Mader made this announcement at one of our most recent events.  If you did not attend that event, we wanted to share this information to ensure everyone is aware.  We know that our membership, speakers, guests, and volunteers enjoy attending this great development opportunity, so we look forward to hosting it in 2022.   We will continue to monitor the situation and put your safety first.  

    The board will continue to meet for the rest of the year and stay connected with you on our discussions for the rest of 2021 and beyond.  With Jessica’s (VP of Professional Development) leadership and guidance, we will start to look at 2022 to provide you with a multitude of options for your professional development, including the Learn Conference.  

    Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you very soon. 


    Julio Govreau

    Julio C Govreau, MBA

    President, ATD St. Louis Chapter

  • 10 Jul 2021 5:35 PM | Michelle Camden (Administrator)

    Looking for lunch plans this month?

    Join other ATD members on July 21 from 12-1pm CT for our Leadership Special Interest Group (SIG). Our topic this month is Succession Planning as a Strategic Initiative led by Dr. Mary Kay Taylor. It's also a great opportunity to network with others over lunch!

    We're also offering our Professional Development Luncheon on July 22 from 12-1pm CT with guest speaker Jenn Whitmer. Come learn about the Enneagram Personality assessment, what your personal style is, and how it can be used as a tool  to support you and your team. 

    Get more details and register on our Events page!

  • 01 Jul 2021 7:02 PM | Michelle Camden (Administrator)

    Hello ATD St. Louis Members,

    I hope that the summer is going well for you and your family.  We hope that you are taking advantage of these summer temperatures to get some rest and relaxation.  Hopefully, you are also able to schedule some vacation time. As we continue to observe more organizations returning to workplace, post COVID-19, we will also continue to adhere to safety protocols at ATD STL.  Due to this, most of the programing for this year will remain virtual.  Our hope is that, later in the year, we will be able to visit with you in person!

    This year we have experienced changes, and this has created some vacancies on our St. Louis Chapter Board. We are always looking for talent, and currently, have two openings on the board.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in the VP of Communications or the VP of Professional Development opportunity, we would love to speak with you.  Below are the responsibilities for both roles.

    Vice President of Communications responsibilities:

    • Manages internal and external Chapter communications, including management of the Chapter’s website and social media channels.
    • Executes an annual communication plan for the Chapter that effectively supports the purpose, image, and messaging of the organization.
    • Utilizes digital platforms and social media to engage members in discussion, development, and networking; coordinates communications of the Chapter; and sets appropriate goals and performance measures for communications.

    Vice President of Professional Development:

    • Responsible for the planning, scheduling, and execution of Chapter events.
    • Recommends topics, speakers, events sites, and activities, and manages all aspects of each professional development and special event.
    • Coordinates all aspects of event planning; and sets appropriate goals and performance measures for Professional Development.

    If you are interested in these roles, contact us to share more details regarding these great opportunities.  If you are interested in volunteering in general, we would also love to speak with you.  Please email our president-elect, Mary Kay Taylor (, and she can schedule time to discuss your interests in being part of this great organization. 

    I would also like to feature one of our July scheduled events and recognize one of our board members at the same time.  Our very own President-elect, Dr. Mark Kay Taylor will be facilitating the Leadership Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting on July 21st.  She will be speaking on the important topic of Succession Planning as a Strategic Initiative.  Please look at the session information listed below and register for the event.  We are extremely fortunate to have such a talented development professional on the board to share her knowledge and passion on this topic. 

    Leadership Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting -July

    The purpose behind this SIG is to network with individuals that lead the L&D or OD function at their respective organizations. This is a great opportunity to network, share ideas and best practices. 

    Free to members
    Nonmembers pay $15 to attend effective July 1, 2021

    Topic: Succession Planning as a Strategic

    Initiative Time: Jul 21, 2021, 12:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

    Overview: Developing and retaining talent is a key priority for organizations of all sizes. How well organizations identify and develop talent through succession planning process directly effects their long-term success. This seminar provides talent development leader with strategies for creating and implementing departmental and organizational succession plans. 

    Key takeaways include:

    ·    Identify key departmental talent.

    ·    Developing succession maps in support of growing and developing future department leaders.

    ·    Defining the role of the Talent Development in advising and guiding organizational leader sin the succession planning process.

    This is a good opportunity to recognize our other board members and volunteers who have shown extraordinary leadership during this year.  I want to acknowledge these professionals for stepping up to the plate and keeping the organization moving forward.  These professionals have gone above-and-beyond during this year, especially when we are not fully staffed.  These people deserve high praise and recognition.  Dr. Mary Kay Taylor (President-elect), Christine Kostic (VP of Membership), Michelle Camden (VP of Administration), Katie McDuffie (VP of Finance), and Houston Southard (VP of Operations).  We are so excited about having all this talent as part of the ATD Saint Louis Chapter!  We have also had amazing volunteers that have assisted with scheduling and identifying speakers for our events.  Jessica Mader and Michelle Estrada – thank you so much for your efforts!  I would also like to recognize Michelle Rogers (former board member) on her involvement with the Leadership SIG, she is doing an amazing job with this group.  Your dedication to the chapter does not go unnoticed. 

    Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the board has decided not to host an in-person Learn Conference this year.  We have had several discussions and have arrived that this year, based on COVID-19 protocols, we cannot provide a safe space for face-to-face interaction at this event.  We are deeply disappointed in this decision; however, we will always err on the side of caution when it comes to your safety.  We have decided to replace it with a membership appreciation luncheon.  We are going to start working on the details, so, look for more details soon. 

    Our Saint Louis ATD chapter continues to grow, and we are so excited about having new members.  In this month alone, we have added several professionals to the group.  If you are interested in learning more about your membership options, please contact Christine Kostic (VP of Prof. Development – 

    On a personal note, we recognize that many of you are in the process of transitioning back to your offices, in some capacity.  Please be safe as you continue to integrate with your business partners, fellow employees, and the community at large.  We are looking forward to seeing you at our next event.  Thank you for all that you do!


    Julio Govreau

    Julio C Govreau, MBA

    President, ATD St. Louis Chapter

  • 05 Feb 2020 10:28 AM | Carla Bailey

    The January Facilitator SIG Networking event was a great time all around! The event included an engaging presentation on networking basics and speed-networking how-tos.

    Attendees described the event as positive, lots of fun, and provided opportunity to make new connections.

    One of our SIG attendees shared a personal testimony of how they recently got a new job and expressed their gratitude to ATD for the positive impact the organization has had on helping them to achieve their career goals.     

    Here’s what SIG attendees are saying:

    “I want to thank you and everyone with ATD for all that you are doing. My dream of becoming a trainer/facilitator is coming true, which is why I joined ATD over a year ago. Keep doing the good work and I look forward to attending the next event.”

    If you have never attended a Facilitator SIG Networking event, we invite you to join us at one of our future sessions.

  • 06 Dec 2019 11:50 AM | Susan Plank

    We saw a great turnout at our last Professional Luncheon in 2019. In addition to networking and enjoying a hearty holiday lunch, participants learned how to better manager change from our VP of Professional Development, Christa Duggan, and honored chapter award winners.

    ATD STL’s Member of the Year is Kathleen Young. How do you plan a success event for 150 learning professionals? First recruit someone with extraordinary organization skills, unwavering enthusiasm and perseverance. We were lucky enough to have found all of that and more in Kathleen who stepped forward and agreed to be our chairwoman for our annual conference. The results were amazing.

    Kathleen started planning in January. She recruited volunteers, scheduled space, built the agenda, created handouts and swag bags, arranged for catering, everything from set up to clean up.  It all came together at Wells Fargo on September 12 where we had 50% more participants and 33% more breakout sessions than we had last year.  Not to mention her years of work facilitating the Facilitator Special Interest Group. Congratulation Kathleen!

    ATD STL’s Professional of the Year is Patricia Sherwood. Patty is a dynamic leader for L&D at Rabo. There have been many large-scale changes at Rabo over the last two years and Patty has been leading employees through the change on a regional level primarily from her office here in St. Louis. This year she was heavily involved with the development and roll-out of our revised corporate culture program. She led work streams to organize the live synchronous kick-off meetings in Minneapolis and to embed the newly formed Cultural Commitments into the daily operations at Rabo.

    Patty has willingly accepted leadership roles on several projects. In addition to her business as usual projects over the last two years at Rabo, she influenced programs that impact every employee and provide leadership to the employee volunteers who were working to implement unified and aligned programs to the newly formed North America region of Rabobank. Her impact has been great, and her servant leadership has made an impression on all the employees she has engaged with during the several large-scale projects she has tirelessly contributed to at Rabo.

    Our President-Elect, Thomasine Joyce also introduced your 2020 Board.

    2020 Board Left to Right: Thomasine Joyce - President, Michelle Rogers - VP Membership, Analicia Humes - President Elect, Katie McDuffie - VP Finance, Christa Duggan - VP Professional Development, Houston Southard - VP Operations, Danielle Buscher - Past President, Anthony Palazzolo - Advisor. Not pictured: David Cluphf - VP Administration, Micheal Newsham - VP Technology, Carla Bailey - VP Communicaitons, and Kallie Klein - VP Community Engagement. 

    We are so grateful for our members and we wish you the happiest of holidays. We look forward to seeing you next year.

  • 07 Nov 2019 4:46 PM | Susan Plank

    If you are a member of our local ATD STL chapter and haven’t become a Power Member, this is a great time. This month the national ATD organization is going to hold a Webcast on how to use your ATD membership to grow your leadership skills and boost your career. During the session, local chapter leaders will share how volunteering at the local level can connect you to networks and learning opportunities that will develop you professionally. They will share their own stories about the benefits of volunteering. Learn more about this ATD Webcast by clicking here:

    Here is just a few of the Webcasts being offered in November:

    • ATD Chapter Membership: Grow Your Leadership Skills and Boost Your Career
    • How to Upskill for Digital Transformation: A play-by-play guide
    • Memes and Scavenger Hunts: 10 Ways to Improve Your L&D Program on a Budget
    • Collaborating in a Multi-generational Environment

    To register for these sessions, you must be a national member and if you add this on to your chapter membership, you get a discount.  Head to the ATD Store  to select a level of membership and enter ATD STL’s Chip number at checkout (CH6012)

  • 22 Sep 2019 5:39 PM | Susan Plank

    On September 12, Learning and Development professionals from around the region attended this year’s  Learn Conference at Wells Fargo in downtown St. Louis. Registrations sold out in the last week with attendance topping 150 participants eager to learn and network. Nine local companies sent 5 or more participants to qualify for the group discount and multiply their learning. One team member came from as far away as New Mexico.

    Team from Save-A-Lot

    The day kicked off with a keynote by Fernando Sanchez-Arias reminding us to stay humble and ask for help. Using a fun rope activity, we learned the more we ask, the more ideas we get. Fernando’s message and humor sent participants into their day energized and ready to learn. For the breakout sessions, participants headed to the Connections Center, Wells Fargo impressive training and learning facility, to attend 1 of 4 sessions.



    With Paul Nedeau and Kirsten Johnson of Hussman Corporation, participants raced around a road track to immerse in 7 strategies for interactive learning.

    Paul Nedeau, Hussman Corporation

    If they visited Colin DeCair, they learned what makes good data when making the training and development case to the C-Suite.


    Colin DeCair, Busey Band

    Between sessions or during lunch, attendees could visit the vendor fair.


    SumTotal and Skillsoft


    There were two more opportunities to attend break-out sessions in the afternoon. Samantha Proutry from Alliance Credit Union said that Molly Grisham’s Experiential Learning in the Workplace session was her favorite because it reminded her to be ok with silence when facilitating a group. Some people may need more time to formulate ideas and share them. Samantha also liked how to properly use ice breakers.

    Molly Grisham

    In another session, attendees learned about a new approach to crafting a leadership competency framework implemented by the National Association of Electrical Distributors. Elizabeth Haberberger, of Dale Carnegie St. Louis, and Dr. Kelly Jones, of NAED, walked the group through identifying competencies and conducting a needs assessment.

    Elizabeth Haberberger, Dale Carnegie and Kelly Jones, PhD, NAED

    The day concluded with a panel discussion on the future state of learning and development. The large crowd heard ideas and predictions from local leaders in the industry; Andy Armbruster, Bayer, Jim Sokolowski, Edward Jones, and Renie McClay, Caveo Learning. We concluded with a few giveaways. Amy Rolfes from MOHELA was the big winner with an all access pass to 2020 ATD STL local events. This not only includes professional luncheons but also the next Learn Conference.

    ATD Board thanks the presenters, vendors, panelists, and volunteers who helped to organize this event. A special thanks to Kathleen Young who led the organizing efforts and coordinated with Wells Fargo.  

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