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Management of the ATD St. Louis chapter is vested in a Board of Directors. It is the board's responsibility to carry out the chapter's objectives and to establish policies and procedures that facilitate management of the chapter. The Board of Directors acts for and on behalf of the membership. Board members are chapter members in good standing who volunteer to serve two-year terms. 

If you are interested in serving on the chapter's Board of Directors, please email us at

Chapter President

The Chapter President provides executive leadership for the chapter. They establish the vision, mission and key objectives, and ensures resources and structures are in place to meet established goals. They set agendas for and presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors. They execute policies and directives of the Board of Directors and has the authority to sign all documents. The President is the chapter liaison to the ATD National Organization. They have the responsibility for monitoring the performance of the ATD St. Louis Board of Directors and its members and acts in all other respects as is the custom and responsibility of the President of the organization. They can be reached via email at 


Jazmin Webster

The President-Elect prepares to be Chapter President by staying abreast of ATD compliance requirements. They serve as the Chapter ATD CARE recorder and is responsible for submitting the Chapter CARE report to ATD by the required due date. The President-elect can be reached via email at

VP, Finance

Christina Powell, APTD

Christina Powell has been a Talent Development professional for more than 10 years with experience in facilitation, instructional design, and leadership development.   Currently, Tina creates quality client training content providing technical guidance and resources for end users of Equifax I-9 Management platforms.  She is goal oriented and focuses on increasing client retention through ongoing product support.  Tina also participated as Mentor and currently serves on the EWS Mentorship Board.  

The Vice President of Finance manages the operational finances of the chapter. They create an annual operating budget and coordinates the budget and operational issues with other board members, as well as administrative services. They assure that chapter operations are in compliance with ATD's Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE). They audit income/expenses and cash-flow on a monthly basis to ensure chapter's sound financial status and ensures that the chapter follows state and federal reporting requirements. They also reconcile chapter bank accounts on a regular basis. They can be reached via email at

VP, Communications

Amanda Hewitt

Amanda Hewitt has a Master's of Public Administration with Strategic HR emphasis. She has a robust background in student development and healthcare instructional design. She is currently an Instructional Designer in the Healthcare sector.  Amanda currently manages and creates content for two high volume trauma support pages (open to civilians and military veterans). 

The Vice President of Communications provides communication support to the chapter. They develop and execute a comprehensive annual communications plan that supports the mission and image of the chapter and sets goals and performance measures for the chapter’s communications plan. They ensures the consistency, relevance, timeliness, and accuracy of the chapter’s public messages. The VP for Communications manages the chapter’s website and social-media channels.  They can be reached via email at

VP, Programming

Gina Bowders 

The Vice President of Professional Development plans events of value for our members that reflect the vision of our Chapter. They communicate and coordinate with keynote speakers, event site staff and collaborate with the other board members to manage all aspects of each event.  In addition to regular chapter events, they are also responsible for special events to provide additional value and development to the members’ experience including the annual chapter conference, special interest groups, workshops/seminars, etc.  The VP of Programming collaborates with the VP of Communication to promote these events. They also collaborate with the Chapter President to set appropriate goals and performance measures to ensure the chapter is meeting their goals and providing meaningful events for members. They can be reached at

VP - Professional Development

Tyra Austell-Jones

The Vice President of Professional Development plans the annual chapter conference. They communicate and coordinate with keynote speakers, event site staff and collaborate with the other board members to manage all aspects of the event.  The VP of Professional Development collaborates with the VP of Communication to promote these events. They also collaborate with the Chapter President to set appropriate goals and performance measures to ensure the chapter is meeting their goals and providing meaningful events for members. They can be reached at

VP, Membership

Megan Zwierlein

The Vice President of Membership manages the design and implementation of policies, programs or initiatives that ensure membership growth and engagement; sets appropriate goals and performance measures for membership; ensures updated and appropriate membership records; invoices membership dues; maintains new member materials/brochures; and processes membership applications. They can be reached at

VP, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Curtis Williams

The Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion works in collaboration with Board members to develop new diversity and inclusion initiatives and strategies for the chapter and its membership.  

VP, Community Engagement

Nate Rowlan
Nate Rowlan is a passionate, creative, and results-driven Learning & Development leader with 10+ years of experience in designing engaging learning experiences, shaping organizational culture and developing leaders. Having implemented THRIVE, the Learning & Skills Platform himself at Scott Credit Union, he brings his expertise and leverages L&D know-how to drive customer success with THRIVE's North American customers including Vita Coco, Chatham Financial and CommScope. 

VP, Chapter Operations

Nickki Thompson 

The Vice President of Chapter Operations provides administrative support to the chapter. They record meeting minutes, write chapter correspondence, and ensure communication of chapter proceedings and records. They also collect data and track key performance metrics for the chapter such as membership, meeting attendance, budget compliance, etc. They are the main contact for the chapter and manage all incoming general inquiries. The VP of Chapter Operations directs inquiries to the appropriate board members and oversees registration and check-in at all in-person chapter events. 

If you are interested in this role you can contact the president at

Past President

Christine Kostic

Christine has a long career in training, leadership development, and as a leader herself. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh, she started her career as an assistant store manager for Walmart, and spent the next 15+ years working her way up to store manager, regional trainer, and eventually as the director of Field Training for the Sam’s Club US Division. Christine spent the next eight years as a store manager for Giant Eagle, a supermarket chain based in Pittsburgh, PA. She then spent over a year at Lowe’s corporate office in Mooresville, NC as a Sr. Program Leader in Leadership Development (supporting merchandising and women’s initiatives) before moving to St. Louis in February, 2020. She is the Assistant Vice President of Learning & Development for Enterprise Bank. Christine has a passion for developing leaders and enjoys helping others achieve success.

As Immediate Past President, Christine serves as an advisor to the Board of Directors, acting as a steward of past practice and Board historian. She can be reached at


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